Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Corner View: "Staple Foods"

 We love food at our house.  We especially love to barbeque.  Our staple restaurant is Outback Steakhouse.  Always perfect.

We turn to our barbeque, even if it is snowing outside.  Unfortunately, we haven't bbq'd in the last week, and our hard drive ate our old photos.  So here are some other staples in our lives:

We really like French Fries.  But, I won't admit to this while trying to lose baby weight!
Chocolate is always a staple food of mine.  This is a fantastic chocolate fountain located in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.
We love cheese at our house.  Love it.  Especially if it is from Europe!
We love fruit too.  Sorry for the bit of blur...This is from a wedding.  We don't usually have such fancy fruit at our house!
The other staple you will find around here is baby food.  All kinds of baby food.  The Squeeze likes it, anyway.  And, I am open to the avocado debate.  Any suggestions?

Please visit the lovely Jane from Spain Daily to see some staple foods from around the world.

Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm 26 today.
I feel a little bit older, but at the same time I still feel 19.
We spent a lovely day together yesterday taking walks and playing. We found out that the Squeeze happens to love hammocks. So fun. Today I have to go to work. Not nearly as fun. My family is taking me to a nice dinner tonight though and I am very much looking forward to my steak and the fabulous company.

I think I have everything I could ask for this year. I have a nice, new place to live with the 2 loves of my life. This year I am content and happy and enjoying every minute.

I take it back...there is something I would love for my birthday...I would love to lose some more pregnancy weight. That would make me even more happy!

It is no secret that I love birthdays. I am so excited for the celebrations planned for this week!

And as a plus, one of my best and oldest friends moved back to the US this last week. That was a great birthday present too!

On a side note, in addition to our friends we will miss in our old neighborhood, we are going to miss our buddies below:

The Squeeze and I love our little ducks so much. We don't have any ducks at our new house.
(But we love it anyway!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Corner View: Music

Music is something that is so important to me. It has the ability to manipulate my emotions in a way that nothing else can. It can make me screamingly happy, unfortunately melancholy, ridiculously silly and incredibly spiritual.

Having said that, this post has taken a much different turn than I originally anticipated.

I work in downtown Salt Lake City. There is a square in town where local artists put on concerts during the lunch hour in the summer. I can hear the concerts from where I work and I love to take some time to sit in the sun and listen.
Also, Pierre and I went to dinner at a lovely little place called La Caille a couple nights ago. We always sit on the patio and eat dessert and talk about all the important things that couples talk about. We don't go very often, and when we do, it is always my favorite. Since we sit on the patio, there is usually live music. This last time there was a fantastic saxophone player. I loved every minute. There are also peacocks that have run of the patio, which I love.
And this time there was a baby peacock that I absolutely fell in love with. If they would have let me, I think I would have taken her home.
I always get bananas foster with my live music. It is my absolute favorite.

Thank you for visiting my corner. Go take a listen around the world from Jane's sidebar on Spain Daily.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It worked!

Thanks to all of your positive thoughts, prayers and the multitude of crossed fingers, arms and legs, everything worked out with our new home.

Our "corner view" has officially changed and we couldn't be more thrilled.

We closed, packed and moved all within 4 days.  It has been a whirlwind, and now our days are filled with unpacking boxes and lots of decorating.

Thank you so much for all of your positive thoughts.  It obviously negated the negativity from the mortgage broker.  We so appreciate the positivity and nice comments.

Thank you!  We are so excited!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Corner View: Street Fashion

I was so looking forward to 
participating in this week's view.  
I think it sounds absolutely fabulous and can't wait to see all of your photos.

This week has been overwhelming, stressing, fantastic and going way too quickly.
We have some exciting news coming up 
(exciting to us, anyway...) 
But, tonight I am way too tired to make the official announcement.

Thank you for all of your crossed fingers and prayers.
You have all made my week with your kindness and sweet thoughts.

This week has completely passed me by... I hope you will forgive my absence this week and I fully plan to be back with my Corner View next week.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Corner View: From My Back Porch

I have been a bit of a blogging slacker lately.
I hope this post explains a little bit of why...

We have been in the process of buying a home the last couple of weeks.  We are extremely excited and hoping/praying that it all works out!  It isn't a done deal yet, so you get 2 views from my back porch for this Corner View.
(And we aren't moving far...Currently we live in Salt Lake City, and we will be moving about 20 minutes South to Riverton, Utah.)

This is the view from my back porch as of tonight.
I'm hoping this will be the view as of next week!  (Minus the construction vehicles, and hopefully plus some grass soon!)
So, cross your fingers for us, and visit some porches from around the world:

janekim, ladybug-zeniansunnymamakyndalesamanthakarenkristina,angelina, dorit, goldensunfamilysophiejanetnickiruthmcgillicutty, desiree,

di, travelingmama, aimeebonnieestisophiecelemodsquad,caitlinjoyceani,couturecoucoua day that is dessertnatsumiepekaylovesvintagetrinsch,c.t.,jeannetteoutischanettritvadongdongfrancescastate of blissjennifer,danadenisecabrizettebohemian girlruthdiannaisabelleambergirl in the yellow shoesmister ejaniskarijgyjennaskymringelizabethaudreyallison,lisecatemonvictoriacrescent moon, erinotliamy, idacarolinelisadorte,kimmiela lune dans le cielnicolamalovanessabrittavirginiaapril, rebecca,b, jenellguusjejuanitapamela, inna, daan, myrtille, cris

So, so much...

So very stressed at this moment...

Mortgage brokers that don't do their job frustrate me.

People who don't understand urgency frustrate me.

Getting yelled at for things I didn't do frustrates me.

Planning for the unknown scares me.

I expect people to do the job they are paid to do.

I don't want to pay commission when I do someone else's job for them.

I am trying to bite my tongue a lot lately so I don't put my foot in my mouth.

I want to be nice to people I need to work with, but some people are making it difficult.

I am trying desperately to develop more patience.

But, more than anything, I love my husband and daughter and I am so very glad I get to spend each day with them.  They make everything better.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Corner View: Beaches

We don't have any ocean beaches in Utah.  We do have a few lakes though.  My very favorite lake is a good 6 hour drive away, but it is worth every minute.  Some of my very favorite memories are at Lake Powell.  Early morning and dusk water skiing are heaven.  The combination of the red rock against the water and blue sky makes my heart melt.  It gets rather warm in the summer, so the water feels like a bath tub.  Our days are spent cliff jumping, water skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, tubing, jet skiing, getting tan and laughing constantly.  I absolutely love Lake Powell

Sand castles are always fun.
Pierre is the water skiier in our family.
He wakeboards too.
Ah, that gorgeous rock.

Lake Powell, with a nice ice cream cone & loved ones may be heaven on earth.
You have to add the ice cream though.

Go and lounge at some beaches from around the world: