Thursday, April 30, 2009

Real Date: Part I

Pierre and I had a date on Saturday.  A real date that involved grown up events and people.
It was absolutely delightful.
(We did miss the Squeeze a bit though.)

We ate at a lovely new place (well, new to us,) called Caffe Molise.
Our food was absolutely divine.  Both of our dishes were fantastic and the creme brulee was yummy.  We will definitely be going back.
p.s.  We had the best server ever!

Darling, no?
This was my dinner--gnocchi with sauteed veggies in a white wine cream sauce.  It was the special, and I LOVED every bite!
Pierre is anti-photo and blogging at the moment and kept sabotaging every picture I took of his yummy panini.  It was good though!

Part II of our lovely evening later.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winning is Awesome!

Check this out.  I think I NEED that bag!  

Enter and you may be the lucky winner...

At least take a peek at the website.  It pretty much made my day.

Getting Around in My Corner

Corner View:  Modes of Transportation

In my little corner of the world, we get around by driving.
Instead of a picture of my Ford Fusion, I thought I'd show you a little of what I see when I am driving around.

And this is how the Squeeze rides.

*Don't worry--I was safe while driving!*

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If you haven't played before, the lovely Corner View project was started by Jane from Spain Daily.  It is a group of bloggers from around the world who all post on a weekly theme about their "corner" of the world.  Check them out and take a trip around the world from your chair!  (And if you want to play, let Jane know!)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Monday Thoughts...

1.  Yelling out "I guess I'm the only one who can answer the effing* phone" in the office, where all co-workers and clients can hear, is NEVER appropriate.
*effing is my substitute for that word (which was used in this case,) but which you won't find on my blog.

2. This is perfection at my house.
3.  Sometimes secrets with your significant other are not only necessary, but delightful.
pics by me *1
 & Moxi *2

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sinus Infection

I have a nasty sinus infection.  What, in April?  Yes, in April.  I'm hoping it will be cleared up oh so soon and praying that the Squeeze doesn't get sick!

In the mean time, this made me laugh.  I hope it makes you laugh too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Breakfast in My Corner

Breakfast in my corner is from this past weekend.  In my last post, I mentioned that my littlest brother (19 years old) is moving to Belgium for 2 years.  He will be serving a mission for our church.

This Sunday he spoke in church and we had a brunch for family and close friends that came to hear him.  These are some of my very favorite foods, although not the most artistic pictures ever!

Breakfast in my corner means a waffle bar, with all the fixings--fruit, syrup, nutella, whipped cream and everything you can imagine.
Yummy Waffles...
All the fixings...
We had eclairs for brunch as well.  (Not usually a breakfast food in our house!)
This was my plate: a yummy waffle, some breakfast casserole and an eclair.  It was oh so divine!
I absolutely love all things that have to do with breakfast!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today is Picture Day...

Of course it is.

I feel like I am in middle school all over again.

To say that my mom is a picture person would be the understatement of the century. My littlest bro is headed to live in Belgium for 2 years on Wednesday. In anticipation of the event, we need family pictures taken, and today is the day.

Because today is picture day, I slept in, was late to work, left with wet hair and no makeup. I managed to put on ½ my makeup on the way to work, the other ½ during powder breaks. The hair is the major problem…my intention was to put a few strategically placed waves in my crazy hair. I brought my large barrel curling iron and everything, and when I headed to the powder room to actually get ready, I noticed that my curling iron was missing a screw. Wha-ah-aht? Missing a screw. Of course, because today is picture day. Apparently, screws are important and curling irons don’t really work without them.

So, my hair doesn’t look fantastic, to say the least. I worked a little on the front and it looks barely presentable. We’ll have to make sure the photographer doesn’t go for any artistic pictures that include the back of my head. Does anyone know if photoshop can fix a bad hair day?

Middle school people, middle school. It might be 7th grade all over again!

pic found here.
it isn't me...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Days Like Today...

Days like today make me want to live in beautiful, busy New York City.  

There are multiple reasons for this.  Mostly so that I could pretend that I was living in her life.  Or hers. (Although she is technically DC now...) Or hers.

It looks oh, so glamorous, right?

Also, because my career would be so much cooler if I actually worked on Wall Street.
*Not all of us are scum!*

Although anywhere with a beach would be nice too.  Hawaii maybe?
pic by me.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Much!

Pitching a 401K plan wears me out!

It is so much work--so interesting and so fun, but so much time.

See, I am a total business geek.

I do love it though.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Corner...

The lovely Jane has started a fun project. She has called it Corner View. You should read about it! I think it is so much fun and couldn't wait to participate. I have had so much fun reading about and seeing pictures of everyone else's "corner views". There have been fun stories and amazing photos. My photo isn't as amazing (I may think Europe is pretty much the coolest thing ever--or New York, or the beach...), but is dear to my heart. The way I figure it, I have two corners, my home corner and my work corner. My home life is very near and dear to my heart. So, my picture--my corner view, if you will--is from my home corner. It is the view from my front door, looking out over freshly fallen snow. It is one of my very favorite things. Thanks for the great idea, Jane! I love it! I can't wait to play next week too. (And thanks go to Caitlin for introducing me to Jane's blog!)

Really? As in FOR REAL?

Ever felt cheated by a business?  Or that they treated you dishonestly, really dishonestly?

Headed to Sun Tints for some service a bit ago.  The vehicle needed some spicing up.

Let's just say the service was seriously terrible.

They have some seriously awesome guys working there though.  Thanks for all the help Jon!

Unfortunately, we walked away feeling ripped off.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Weight

Have you ever seen those belly fat commercials?
I feel like I should be on one.
The Squeeze is 4 months old, and I swear my stomach hasn't gone down.  In my mind, I still look 7 months pregnant.  (And my clothes would agree with my mind, based on the way that they fit.)
A couple weeks ago, I read THIS post from one of my favorite blogs, The Brunette Bombshell.  Meg talks about her little demon, and even named it Ned.  I am so inspired by how candidly she talks about her struggles with food and weight.  (And, by the way, she is incredibly funny and so pretty too.  Not to mention that her life in New York makes me some kind of seriously jealous at times!)  Anyway, that inspiration has turned into this post.

It is time for me to get serious.  Baby weight sucks!  Now, don't get me wrong, I wasn't the skinniest person before I got prego with the Squeeze.  But, I was seriously working on it.  I had been eating right and working out religiously.  When I got pregnant, that all stopped.  I was seriously sick.  And exhausted.  And emotional.  I ate pasta and chocolate and cereals and drank chocolate milk and juice.  Add to that my apparent allergic reaction to the pregnancy hormone (doctor's diagnosis, not mine,) and I gained more weight than is recommended.  By. A. Lot.

Now, she is 4 months old and I haven't lost any more weight than I was down 6 weeks after she was born.  Finding time to work out is hard!  I already have a guilt complex for not being here for her during the day, so when I get home from work, I don't work out.  I want to spend time with her and see all of the things that I miss during the 8 hours of work that I put myself through on a daily basis.  (But, that is a different post altogether.)  All of this guilt makes me eat even crappier.  I still eat chocolate and pizza and ice cream, etc.  It is my comfort food.  Sometimes I have to ask, "why, oh why couldn't I be one of those girls that can't eat when I am stressed or emotional instead of the kind that lays on the couch and eats everything in sight??"  I would like to pretend that I'm doing everything right and it just isn't coming off, but the truth is that I'm not.  I'm still emotional and hormonal and used to eating chocolate and candy and pasta as comfort all over again.  The truth is that breaking that habit is hard for me.  The truth is that I have been doing it still--coupled with not working out.  Not really.  Not consistently.  The truth is that when I stop--truly stop bingeing and start--truly start really working out, the weight will start (slowly) coming off.  It won't be immediate or fast, but it will start to come off.  Problem solved.  But, I'm weak.  Why can't I make myself do what I know is in my best interest?

Can we make a resolution together--even though it isn't even close to New Year's?  I resolve to be better from today on.  Care to join me?  I will get back in my fighting shape--while I am still in my prime.  I am 25.  I should be active and fun and fit and able to do everything I want to do (including fitting in my favorite pair of jeans.)  There will be beach trips in my future (unfortunately some are coming up too soon...) and I intend to look decent in my swimming suit.  I really want to be the mom that looks good and enjoys looking at pictures of herself with her little ones.  I don't want to always be hiding from the camera. So, can we form a support group please?  I'm in need of a bit of help with this one!  Is anyone with me?