Friday, April 17, 2009

Days Like Today...

Days like today make me want to live in beautiful, busy New York City.  

There are multiple reasons for this.  Mostly so that I could pretend that I was living in her life.  Or hers. (Although she is technically DC now...) Or hers.

It looks oh, so glamorous, right?

Also, because my career would be so much cooler if I actually worked on Wall Street.
*Not all of us are scum!*

Although anywhere with a beach would be nice too.  Hawaii maybe?
pic by me.


MJSSJM said...

I'm with you! Dream of living in the city...

Ian said...

That's a nice photo too, but that traffic jam looks bad. I love New York. I have only ever been there twice, but I tried to see everything.

The best day was donning my tuxedo, having cocktails in the Waldorf Astoria, getting a white stretch limo to the Met for a performance of Der Rosenkavalier, then having further cocktails in the Rainbow room: Manhattans, of course (I wasn't alone). Where else, but New York!

The Girl in the Yellow Shoes said...

Sounds delightful!