Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Corner View: Best Kept Secret

There are many hidden gems in little Salt Lake City, UT.  The best kept secret?  Do I really want to reveal it?

I have already told you about Bruges Waffles on my blog, so I guess that doesn't qualify...although those waffles are divine.

One of my favorite little hidden places is called The Oaks.  It is tradition in my family to visit every chance we get.  They have outdoor tables, and it is right on the river.  It is beautiful to sit and listen/watch.  The many humming birds that come to visit their feeders are quite delightful.  We love it there!  (And the food isn't half bad either...)
No pictures of the humming birds this time.  It started to rain and I wasn't fast enough with my camera!
But, the true best kept secret of Salt Lake is something that I don't have a picture for.  Pierre and I love, Love, LOVE pain au chocolat pastries.  Love them.  
We eat them daily when in France. 
Salt Lake City has quite a few yummy bakeries, but none that 
could come close to the fabulousness of the true pain au chocolat.

Until now.

We have found the most authentic pain au chocolat in Salt Lake City.  We haven't told anyone where.  It is our little secret, but today I'll share it with you.

The best pain au chocolat in Salt Lake City....the Target bakery in Sandy.  Yes, that's right...I said Target.  Amazing, unexpected, and perfection in my mouth.
(No picture today...I am trying so hard to lose this baby weight and I couldn't tempt myself!)  But, don't tell me I didn't let you in on my little secret.
Just don't tell anyone else...

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Enjoy your Wednesday!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


and ready to start the week.

It's a good thing...look at those trashed pants.  I needed a good weekend!

Monday, bring it on.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beyond Glaze

Have you heard the rumors behind Beyond Glaze?  The rumors about the yummy-ness, the beauty and the absolute perfection of a donut?

We had heard.  We had to try.
They were absolutely beautiful, I will admit.
The reviews were mixed.  I personally was sold on the key lime crumble and the grasshopper donuts.  Some loved it, some thought they were good, but over priced.

I say it is definitely worth a try.  I may still be a little partial to the gourmet cupcake over the donut, but I thought our Beyond Glaze experience was delightful.  And they are just so pretty, too.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Corner View: Weekend Evenings 7:45

We had quite the enjoyable weekend.  It was oh, so busy and oh, so delightful.

Friday evening was spent at Deer Valley listening to the fabulous Utah Symphony with guest Frederica von Stade.  It was up at Deer Valley and was quite divine.  Even the Squeeze loved it.  And we loved the opportunity to expose her to some fantastic music at such an early age.
Saturday was quite a busy day for us.  It was Draper Days, which involved a parade, picnic, swimming, donuts and napping.  We were unavailable at 7:45.  We had taken a nap and a friend came to visit, so this picture is a couple hours late.  Does 10:00 work?  We saw some fantastic fireworks that evening!
Sunday was much more laid back.  7:45 involved watching the Squeeze play around...
and watching the always hilarious Ghosttown.
As a bonus, since technically I missed Saturday night, this is a picture from our walk this week, at 7:45.  Welcome to our Monday.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Calling All Working Moms

I am desperately in need of ideas.

I love my career.  I truly do.  It is fascinating and nerdy and exciting and so much fun to me.  I love helping people with their money and following the stock market.

But, I don't love any of it as much as I love being a mom.  I feel like I have this personal battle raging every day.  The professional me and the personal me.  I want the personal me to win.  Desperately.

My favorite days are the days that I get to spend with the Squeeze.  When I get to leisurely bathe her, when we can spend hours in the kiddie pool and take naps together.  I love playing with her and feeling like there is nowhere else in the world I need to be.

I can't wait until I get to stay with her everyday.  But, today is not that day.  Some days are so hard to leave in the morning.  Some days I still show up at work in tears.  I know that working right now is an investment in our future as a family.  And I know that it won't last forever.  But, I still feel like I am missing out on the huge part of what is her every day.

I get to do the big things...I always take her to the doctor, I'm always there when she gets her shots.  I usually get to put her to bed and I do all of her shopping.  It's the little things I miss.  I didn't see the first time she crawled.  I miss her giggles in the morning and I don't get to feed her breakfast.  I have to pull her out of bed way earlier than she would like so that she can go to her grandma's.  I'm not there when she is crying during the day because her gums hurt, and when I am there at night, I am so tired that the next day I can hardly function.  Some days she is so tired that I only get to see her for a couple of hours before she is down for the night.  Those days break my heart.  I still have a hard time letting her sleep in her own bed all night because I want that time to be close to her.  I desperately need to feel her next to me and know that she knows that I love her.

I love her more than I ever thought possible.  I love her so much that it hurts.  And, I love her more and more every day.  I need ideas for how to be close to her.  How do I make sure she knows how much I love her, cuddle her, play with her and just be with her and still make sure my other obligations are met.  I think it is a myth that we can have it all as mothers.  Something has to give a little.  My career has been the thing that I let go.  I leave on time and I drop whatever I am doing when I have to take the Squeeze to the doctor or when she needs me.  And I'm okay with that.  I take sick days when she is sick.  I don't know how women do it all. My house is often a disaster.  It is a very good thing that my hubby is such a good sport.  

I am not meant to do it all.  Being a working mom is really, really hard for me.  Perhaps it is because I always dreamed of staying home.  Maybe I need to adjust my expectations.  I need suggestions and help.  How do I organize everything so that I feel like I am accomplishing all I need to do?  

Time to go...a certain little girl is stirring and I desperately need to play with her for a while before we head to bed. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Corner View: The Unveiling

There are so many parts to my true self.
At this very moment, as I hold my tired, but still delightful baby girl, my true self is the mother part of me.  I love being a wife and a mama and I would not feel like "me" if these things were ever taken away.  I loved this Corner View theme!

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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today has me feeling lucky.

I enjoyed gorgeous flowers for a full 10 days after my birthday.

Being a mom is way more fulfilling than I ever even imagined.

Sometimes I love the Squeeze so much that it hurts.

Job security is nice, but I would love to have people do their own jobs sometimes instead of saying "I'll just let you do that."

85 degrees, with blue skies and white clouds makes for the perfect day.

Today, I am dreaming of the beach because today is the perfect beach day.

The kiddie pool makes a fantastic substitute, however.

I am so glad that the Squeeze loves water, just like her dad and me.

One of my oldest and closest friends came to visit last night and stayed at our house.  

Today I am way too tired, very content and so, so happy.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Corner View: Where I Go to "Just Be"

My little corner is full of places that I go to reflect and "just be".  I think pondering, listening and reflecting are such important parts of our lives.  
I need to make more time.

Salt Lake City is a wonderful place to live.  We are close to so many things!  (We are sorely lacking in the ocean/beach department, however...)

I love to "just be" outside, whether in the middle of nowhere, or people watching in downtown. I had a couple pictures to share with you of my favorite places, but either blogger or my computer is being difficult and refuses to upload any photos....

So, I will try later in the day.  Know that I haven't forgotten, I do have places of reflection, and I can't wait to share them with you.

In the mean time, take your weekly trip around the world through Jane's Corner View list on Spain Daily.

Monday, July 6, 2009


One of my favorite bloggers, Meg, aka the Brunette Bombshell is doing this fabulous thing called "The Perfect Body Initiative."  I pretty much think it is fantastic because it helps remind me of why my body is such a blessing, even on days when I feel it is trying to betray me or tear me down.  Meg asks for comments on why your body is perfect, and guess what...I was featured on day 4.  

My reason mentioned that I think my body is perfect because it was able to carry the Squeeze and give birth.  The last few days I have fallen even more in love with her, so it was a perfect reminder for me.  Even though my waistline has grown more than I would like, I would do it all over again to be able to have her.  I think she is perfect in every way and her smiles, cries, giggles, talking and smell all just light up my day in a way that I never thought possible.  

The other part of my body that I feel is perfect lately: my fingers.  Weird?  Possibly.  I have been wiping away tears--from myself and my loved ones and I feel so blessed to be able to do that.  

Meg has given me the perfect reminder.  And I needed it this week.