Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today has me feeling lucky.

I enjoyed gorgeous flowers for a full 10 days after my birthday.

Being a mom is way more fulfilling than I ever even imagined.

Sometimes I love the Squeeze so much that it hurts.

Job security is nice, but I would love to have people do their own jobs sometimes instead of saying "I'll just let you do that."

85 degrees, with blue skies and white clouds makes for the perfect day.

Today, I am dreaming of the beach because today is the perfect beach day.

The kiddie pool makes a fantastic substitute, however.

I am so glad that the Squeeze loves water, just like her dad and me.

One of my oldest and closest friends came to visit last night and stayed at our house.  

Today I am way too tired, very content and so, so happy.

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caitlin said...

I love those days. I love when everything just seems to fall into place. (Too bad they don't happen more often!)