Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beyond Glaze

Have you heard the rumors behind Beyond Glaze?  The rumors about the yummy-ness, the beauty and the absolute perfection of a donut?

We had heard.  We had to try.
They were absolutely beautiful, I will admit.
The reviews were mixed.  I personally was sold on the key lime crumble and the grasshopper donuts.  Some loved it, some thought they were good, but over priced.

I say it is definitely worth a try.  I may still be a little partial to the gourmet cupcake over the donut, but I thought our Beyond Glaze experience was delightful.  And they are just so pretty, too.


Cris Siqueira said...

what a delightful box!!!

jane said...

these are the prettiest donuts i have ever seen... mmm my kingdom for the pink one...