Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am part of the twenty-something group.

I love this group.

I love being a young mom in this group.

Problem: This should be my prime.  I don’t feel like I am in my prime.

Solution:  Get rid of Mini Cadbury Eggs and eat healthier.

Problem Solved.

Anyone have any good self control tactics?  I can’t seem to throw them out.


caitlin said...

I drink tons of water whenever I crave anything. I just keep a bottle next to me and drink whenever the craving hits. I also chew gum, because once I have something minty in my mouth I don't feel like putting chocolate in it.

This all being said.. those mini cadbury eggs look delightful!

Lisa C said...

Keep stocked up with the healthy foods that you love. Only buy expensive chocolate so you will feel the need to make it last longer.

hahamommy said...

yes: get rid of the voices that are mean to you about what you love. Eat those eggs with all the gratitude you can muster! Yay for treats that nourish our souls <3

The Girl in the Yellow Shoes said...

Thanks for the delightful comments and suggestions! I appreciate it!