Thursday, April 30, 2009

Real Date: Part I

Pierre and I had a date on Saturday.  A real date that involved grown up events and people.
It was absolutely delightful.
(We did miss the Squeeze a bit though.)

We ate at a lovely new place (well, new to us,) called Caffe Molise.
Our food was absolutely divine.  Both of our dishes were fantastic and the creme brulee was yummy.  We will definitely be going back.
p.s.  We had the best server ever!

Darling, no?
This was my dinner--gnocchi with sauteed veggies in a white wine cream sauce.  It was the special, and I LOVED every bite!
Pierre is anti-photo and blogging at the moment and kept sabotaging every picture I took of his yummy panini.  It was good though!

Part II of our lovely evening later.


caitlin said...

Pierre sounds like Bob. I've heard that place is good. Now I guess we'll definitely have to try it.

state of bliss said...

How nice... I sometimes miss going out with C., we haven't been on a date since our little girl arrived. I'm glad you enjoyed. The food looks really yummy!

Have a great weekend :)

The Girl in the Yellow Shoes said...

Thanks guys! Hope you both had a fantastic weekend!

And state of bliss...I would definitely recommend a date! :)

Lisa C said...

What an adorable restaurant! I would love to go eat at a nice place in down town Portland, but it's so hard to leave the baby for long. But maybe we should really try...