Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Food?

No surprise here, I love good food. 
Headed to prestigious Franck's to experience some amazing cuisine.
Reviews were phenomenal--came away disappointed.
No good, which was a surprise.  Well, actually, it was ok.
It was average.
It costs too much to be average.
The sauces were divine.  The dessert and escargot were tasty.
The entrees--remarkably average. (Except for those sauces.  They were to die for.)
When a server recommends what you order, and says it is tender and fabulous, it should be tender and fabulous.  It definitely shouldn't be average.
Won't be going back.  (I think.  Hubby may be tempted for that escargot.)

So, I'm still in search of some very yummy food in the greater SL area. 
Any suggestions?

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