Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm 26 today.
I feel a little bit older, but at the same time I still feel 19.
We spent a lovely day together yesterday taking walks and playing. We found out that the Squeeze happens to love hammocks. So fun. Today I have to go to work. Not nearly as fun. My family is taking me to a nice dinner tonight though and I am very much looking forward to my steak and the fabulous company.

I think I have everything I could ask for this year. I have a nice, new place to live with the 2 loves of my life. This year I am content and happy and enjoying every minute.

I take it back...there is something I would love for my birthday...I would love to lose some more pregnancy weight. That would make me even more happy!

It is no secret that I love birthdays. I am so excited for the celebrations planned for this week!

And as a plus, one of my best and oldest friends moved back to the US this last week. That was a great birthday present too!

On a side note, in addition to our friends we will miss in our old neighborhood, we are going to miss our buddies below:

The Squeeze and I love our little ducks so much. We don't have any ducks at our new house.
(But we love it anyway!)


caitlin said...

happy birthday! 26 is a funny birthday. it's not exactly a landmark, but it's one that gets you thinking. can't wait to celebrate with ya!

Francesca said...

Happy birthday! Pregnancy weight is a pain, and it tends to be all in the wrong places!