Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Link fun...

Some random things that made my day...

It may be really embarrassing that I am proud of this...or maybe more embarrassing that I have an intense addiction to Crown Burger. I found this link at your heart out. Love that too!

Found this CEO's aren't allowed to have an opinion of their own?

And Camille Paglia is one of my favorite opinion columnists. Sometimes I agree with her, sometimes I don't. However, her writing is always interesting and I think she is hilarious. Found this article to be fascinating--even more fascinating, the comments. Have we lost all ability to be respectful and civilized in this healthcare debate? We are so busy yelling we are missing the facts.

And this made my day. I may have laughed hysterically. In the office. It was great. Fake? Maybe. Funny? Absolutely.

Happy Wednesday!

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