Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Tuesday...

.I love, love, love chocolate chip cookies.
.They make me happy.
.I really like movies too.
.Girl's nights can make everything better.
.I have fantastic parents. I really like them.
.I am married to the best man ever. He is perfect, for me.
.I am very excited for fall, which is unusual for me.
.I don't drink wine, but I love the smell.
.My sister-in-law went in for in vitro fertilization today. 
.I have been thinking about them all day. 
.We are praying hard that everything works out.


caitlin said...

Excited for girls night! (And the cookies) I am not excited for Fall yet, but maybe it's because I haven't felt that Fall air and that Fall smell. (They exist!)

Cris Siqueira said...

i hope everything works great to your sister-in-law!!!


Anonymous said...

mmmm, me too on chocolate chip cookies!

Anonymous said...

fingers crossed for successful in-vitro!