Monday, May 11, 2009

Miss Saigon

Headed to Miss Saigon at Pioneer Theatre this evening.
I have loved this musical for a good 10 years.
The story is absolutely haunting and the music is beautiful.

I was turned on to this particular run 
I must say, she was fantastic!  I may have passed her on my way in, but she was in the middle of a conversation, so I was too shy to say hi.  
(Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don't actually know her.)
The entire cast was great...especially the actor that played John.

I was elated by how well done the production was.  I sat in the audience, loving every minute.  I laughed and cried.  I truly felt the message of the story.  I must say, it is much more powerful as a mom than it was when I was in high school.  I had to come home and just hug and kiss on the Squeeze (and my hubby.)

I am thrilled that I was able to see it this time around!

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caitlin said...

What's funny, is I posted about how I liked John the best too without even talking to you about it. It just shows how absolutely wonderful he was!

Ian said...

I love Miss Saigon too. It is my all-time favourite musical, and it's great to see it's still going round the world wowing audiences. What about that helicopter?