Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts...

I think I NEED this jacket.

To do list....
1. Play with the Squeeze
2. Mandatory over-time
3.  Write the youngest on the mission
4.  Paint my toes
5.  Bathe the Squeeze
6.  Some quality time with the hubby
8.  Buy groceries
9.  Costco trip
10.  Buy a house
Now, where is the time to get it all done?

Shopping for a home is dang hard.  Way harder than I thought it would be.

Getting a new manager at work is tough too.

I think I don't have enough time with my little girl. Or my hubs.

Being a working mom is hard stuff.

I like movies.  I get to go to Angels & Demons on Saturday.  The hubby is actually excited to see it.  That makes going extra fun.

I need more hours in my day, a lot more.  I need more awake time and more sleep time.

My life is hectic and I feel like I am never home, but I love it anyway!

New babies are the best thing ever--especially when they belong to good friends.

It's almost Friday!  (And this weekend is 3 days.)  I am stoked!

I need to get the hard drive in.  I think I am putting it off because I'm afraid the guy will tell me he can't fix it and my only hope is to send it off and will cost too much money!

Mean people suck.

Maybe my brain will be a bit more relaxed now and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to go to sleep!  

How was your Wednesday?


trinsch said...

i hope it helped :) you need some sleep, girl. and you certainly need that jacket (even though i can't see it from your link. but whatever makes you happy on days like this... ).

i hope the right house will turn up soon. have a great loooong weekend :)

BlueMoon said...

Being a working mom is having a double job, people forget that point...
Do enjoy your lovely girl!